Rain by Shawn and Danielle Flanagan / Mom

I got Rain as a Christmas present for my husband. We had two dogs already, 2 chows, which I owned before we married. Well, the chows grew up with me and my profession, which was law enforcement. They were used to seeing mom come home for lunch or dinner and in uniform. Rain never saw me in uniform and therefore did not know what I looked like in it. One day I had to work overtime and needed to go home for something to eat. I had left my keys in my locker and could not get into the house. I needed to get into the backyard and crawl through the doggie door to get in. Rain saw me about to jump the fence and she went ballistic, barking and growling at me. The chows were at the fence wagging their tail cause they knew it was me, but Rain, she didn’t. I tell you it is something about the uniform that dogs just do not like. This dog of mine was not going to let me into my own house. So, after some coxing and alot of talking she finally realized it was me and I was able to get in to my house.


With love so much,
Shawn and Danielle Flanagan