Rainbow by Steve and Judy / Dad and Mom

“The joy of my life, my “best friend”

I’ve raised you from a young baby. I watched you bloom into a beautiful flower with all your beautiful colors. I watched you take your first flight and oh what a sight it was! I listened to you speak your first words what a joy it was to hear. I watched you grow into the beautiful bird you became. I cherished the moments we had together talking, you to me, me to you, always lending your ear. When I needed a snuggle you were always there
with your wings opened wide.

Months became years that we shared. We had an unbreakable bond that only we shared, and was inseparable. I listened to your beautiful voice as it was the most beautiful lullaby. We shared life, we lived life. Then on one beautiful sunny day my world went dim, as I discovered my best friend has died. Oh what a sad day it was, but one thing always remains, the love and memories we made live on
strong from day and always.

You are always on my mind and in my heart. As sad as this day was I know you are very much alive. Well friend this day is not a goodbye but a beginning we will once have again as I will join your side. Until then you will always live in my heart, and I’ll always love you for you are my best friend – we will meet again in time.

Love you so much!!

Your dear parents,
Dad and Mom


Love you so much!,
27, July 2014
Steve and Judy