Ralph Lynch Reader by Kelly

My Baby Kitty came into my life in October 1988 when I was in High School. He quickly adjusted to life in a chaotic house full of kids and other cats and dogs. He was always into trouble whether it was opening the bread drawer or peeing on the clean laundry. But he was also incredibly affectionate and I could hear him purring from anywhere in the house. He would follow me around “talking” to me the whole time. Even people who hate cats loved Ralph.

When I moved away from home Ralph moved with me. He was joined a short time later by his little brother Bailey a yellow labrador retriever. The two of them would cuddle and sleep together when we weren’t looking.

Ralph was there through the most difficult times in my life including the divorce of his parents. Ralph came with me Bailey went with his Dad. Shortly after that Ralph developed a brain tumor and got very sick very quickly. I cared for him around the clock giving him nearly a dozen pills a day and holding him during his seizures. He was there for me when I needed him and I was determined to be there when he needed me. Finally he lost the ability to walk and the will to live. He couldn’t eat and wouldn’t take his pills. I then made one of the hardest decision I have ever faced.

On November 13 2000 I held him in my arms and said a final goodbye. As the doctor gave him the shot I held him tight and told him how much I loved him. After he died I kissed the top of his little head and told him what a good brave boy he had been.

He was buried next to his dear friend Tiger who had passed away just a month before.

Even though he was so sick toward the end he will always be remembered for what he was in his youth- an endless source of joy and laughter and a loyal and affectionate companion. I know he will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.



Ralph Lynch Reader
13, November 2000