Ralphy by Madeline and Juliette / Cary, Julie and family

In Memory of Our Beloved Ralphy,

You were a true friend.
How such a small silent creature can still
remind us, in the way you are still here, that life is so precious but yet so short.

That we must put our priorities in order and take time to smell the roses.
You are beyond that sun that brightened the day that warmed the window that put a sparkle in your eyes, in that small corner of the room
you unselfishly conquered as your own.
Let that sun, through those beautiful eyes, be the light that shines down upon us for the rest of our lives.
Your faithfullness is the food for my soul that has made me the human I have become.
We have been blessed with the unconditional love
you never failed to give.


You will always be in our hearts and minds
6, Oct 2003
Madeline and Juliette