Rascal by Vonny Manna / Mommy (Vonny Manna)

For Rascal –
“The Best Little Doggie in the Whole Wide World”

That blessed day you met my gaze
With ears alert and eyes that gleamed
Our souls entwined in blissful rays
My every thought you knew, it seemed

Your boundless heart and faithfulness
Your funny drive for herd control
With gratitude for each caress
You breathed to life this happy soul

You saw me through so many trials
Your gentle muzzle at my wrist
And from my anguish fashioned smiles
My fuzzy little therapist

No matter what life threw at me
With loving eyes so brown and deep
You placed your head upon my knee
My heart forever yours to keep

The joy you brought can’t be expressed
For at my side you always stayed
With every test and each success
A healthy life for you I prayed

One day I knew by death we’d part
My closest, dearest furry friend
My sweetest canine work of art
My love for you will never end


You're in my heart forever,
3, Apr 2005
Vonny Manna