March 25 1987 —– Feb. 18 2000

Fox Terrier

Rascal was a Fox Terrier and as with the terrier breed

very much had a mind of his own.

When you wanted him to go one way he would go another.

He knew how to train his humans and was aptly named.

About four years ago Rascal went blind.

Something happened to his optic nerves and as the animal

opthamologist said some dogs did not adjust others adjusted well.

Rascal was a survivor he adjusted. Shortly after that his

immune system shut down and he was not expected to live

but his spirit brought him through. I became his seeing eye person,

although he made out quite well by himself.

When we moved and finally had a yard and garden that was

his favorite place. I had a small vegetable garden with a small fence

around it and he learned to jump it.

He loved to eat my tomatoes and green peppers.

He would then have azaleas for dessert. He would lie in the sun,

and when he got too warm would move to the shade.

The children in the neighborhood loved him. One day two little girls

ages five and six rang my bell and wanted to know if the

blind dog could come out and play.

When we walked around the neighborhood people wanted to

knew who was leading who. Rascal was always out in front.

When I went away he was boarded at the vets and the technicians

came to love him as well. They said they had never seen a dog

with so much spirit even though he was blind.

That indomitable spirit will live on forever. He will be sorely missed.

There was only one Rascal and although he was not my first dog

he was by far the one who taught me that even with adversity

it is possible to do anything.

I am thankful for the almost thirteen years I had him.