Rasputin by Nadia, Paul, Baby Shander & Friends / Nadia, Paul, Baby Shander & Friends

Dear Rasputin,

Just a note to say goodbye,
Baby Shander won’t stop to cry.
We all miss you so much dear sweet hamster.

Be brave, fly true, the whole world
is now just a spinning wheel to run in for you,
But where once you had legs you now have wings.

Dear, precious friend, we love you.
Till the rainbow bridge spans the stream that is our tears.
If only we had had the chance we could have hollidayed in France, dine on fine cheeses in winey breezes, but you’ve been called by Baby Jesus.

So I know that your doin’ fine, and when we get to France I´ll stand on top of the Eifel Tower and say a prayer of thanks, for you, good ol´”hammy flower”.


We love you,
27, Oct 2002
Nadia, Paul, Baby Shander & Friends