Rawley, you were truly my little Gem, you stole my heart the very first time I saw you and you endeavored to keep hold of it through our journey of “life” together.

You were the most adorable puppy and you bloomed into the most wonderful sensitive, well -behaved Bichon. You out shone my expectations and yet you never expected anything of me.

You never ceased to amaze me with your amounts of unconditional love you gave me, your endless cuddles and countless kisses and the times you have sat and listened to me in your own little way. You were my shining star on my darkest days, and always cheered me up when I was down. The bond that we both had between us was astounding and unbreakable.

Not only did you touch my heart Rawl but you touched the hearts of those that you met and those who also loved you during your life, you were a true gentleman.

Now for the time being our journey together has parted, to resume one day. You leave an empty void in my life that nothing can replace. Rawley, you were my “best friend” and the “love of my life”.

My beautiful Rawley, I say to you “thank you” for just being you. It was a “privilege” to have had the chance to know you, a pleasure to have had the chance to love you and an honour to have been your “Mommy”.

I have lost my ” little gem”
but heaven has now gained a “diamond”.

Be a good boy Rawley until we meet again.

Sweet dreams bagpuss!

Love and hugs

Julie xxxxxxxx


With love to my Rawley,
13, Mar 2006