Redwing Wingie


" Redwing "


1968 ----- May 27 1998

Morgan Horse


Final moments

You becoming the wind

As you always were

I miss you and you're still here


You are still

Still but still warm

Still living in my heart but still

Your glassy eyes glaze over

Forever the wind only

I can't let go of you

Sympathetic faces surround me

For hours I can't stop sobbing

I silently sob myself to sleep

My friend tries to understand

I cry myself to sleep for two weeks

I see you everywhere still

You disappear before I can reach you

My tears engulf me

My best friend is dead

Except in me

I will never let go

I remember...

Euphorically galloping

The world blurs

The wind in my face

Grapevines slapping my eyes

And the beneficial sting

The realization I live and

I love too much to fit in me

So here is your share

As we gallop down the hill

We blur together

Our souls as one...


We flew together

Now you rest your wings

I will see you again in

Our next life






Redwing Wingie