Renee by Susan

For The Love Of Renee

The touch of the wing
of a butterfly.
The feel of a breeze
of a warm starry sky.
The glimpse of the sun
as it starts to rise.
They all seem to pale
to the gift that God
created for us:

The Love of Renee
Never have we felt
before a love so pure and true.
A love that had no boundaries
tied to sin.
Our hearts overflowed
with the love you gave.
How can we go on knowing
that you are not
here to brighten our day.
We keep thinking of where
you are in Heaven
wrapped in Jesus arms.
A field of emerald grass
for you to run through.
The picture of you is clear
young and healthy again.
I think to myself I wish
I could stay and play
with you here.
Then you turn and smile our way
and I can hear you say:

“I will wait for you here
and always know that
you have the



19, Oct 2000