Revielle by Cathi Wilmot / Mom and Dad

Our love arrived by plane in September of 1993. She was a beautiful black standard poodle. She has been with us thru the loss of many family and friends. She, herself, had many medical problems that she always overcome with dignity. Her last year was a difficult one. In March of 2005 she had disk surgery. AGain in June had surgery for the bloat. One week later an infection set in the had yet another surgery. She always returned home with spunk and full of love. Her last surgery was 3 days before christmas. She got pneumonia on Christmas day but fought that with all she had and made it through.

Our bonding love always pulled her through. In a follow up visit the first of this month, we were informed that they discovered a mass in her mouth which they feared was “the nastiest cancer” you could imagine. Tests were taken and they did confirm that this was the case. They gave her one month but with all her other problems never made it. Our last days were spent holding, loving, and enjoying her love.

This was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but knew I had to hold her to the end as I had held her so many times. Family and friends are very supportive and know my pain. Her unconditional love and warmth will always be with me….


Love forever,
Cathi Wilmot