Rhanna by A Baxter / Mum

Today, I lost a piece of my heart,
Only a dog lover would understand,
Today, Rhanna was put to sleep,
While I held her in my arms.

My faithful friend since her mother died,
her company I will miss,
The way she followed me around,
Her cuddles, and her kiss.

Wagging her tail, she would be at the door,
when we arrived home from town,
Head cocked to the side, she would give that look,
As she jumped around like a clown.

This was her saying, it’s now time for me,
Then off down the road she would bound,
just a friendly, gentle old dog,
She was known to all around.

Now she’s at rest with her mum,
Companions again at last,
I’ll never forget my faithful old dog,
As they run in the heavens so vast.


With much love,
27, May 2004
A Baxter