RICKY by Mike Fredrick / Your friend and buddy

Dear God,

You have him now but you may know that he was mine for as long as I can remember and mine until I come to get him back. I allow you to keep him from harm and love him with as much of your heart as I have. I entrust his care to you. You will feed him and bathe him and hold him to your bosom. He shall never want. You may let him kiss you with as much passion as he did me. You may allow him to greet you at your gates as he met me every day of his life. You may let him love you with undeniable love as he did me and you shall return this love with the greatest of warmth so that he knows that this love does exist and that it is his to have forever and ever.

I will allow you to do this in my stead until the day that I come to retrieve him. For there shall be no mistaken, that he is mine in this life and any other time and that we shall be “as one” for all of eternity. You shall know that he is my buddy and the best of friends and that there will never be another as he in my mind and soul and heart.

My dearest Ricky, I shall miss you as you miss me, but, I will live this earthly life knowing each day that we will be together again and my buddy will answer the call of his necklace which bears his name. This I will hold to my heart until I once again place it around your neck and hold you to me. AMEN


I Love You,
14, Oct 2007
Mike Fredrick