Riley by Alyssa / Alyssa

Well it all started when my first dog Bailey had died. My brother and my mom went and bought a puppy for me. I was so happy as he grew and we were best friends. I loved Riley so much. We played games like
hide and go seek and tag.

He gave me high fives and Riley understood me and I thought he was the best dog I’v ever seen and then on a Thursday I was bringing a friend to church that night I wanted to bring walkie talkies in case we got lost so I went into the garage to get batteries and she came out, too, but she left the door open and Riley got out.

He ran up the street but for us Riley getting out was normal till I ran inside the house to get some treats to drag him over to me. I ran outside and I heard my friend on the walkie talkie going nooooo. That’s when I heard a shattering noise. A car had hit Riley. My friend ran up to me and told me my heart shattered in a million pieces. I cried my eyes out.

Every one knew Riley and me were really great together and they hugged me and told me every things was alright but it wasn’t and I still remember him. I mean how could I forget him. He’s still with me in spirit.

Although every time I think of him I cry from that nightmare. I love Riley. I’ll never forget him. This accident happened when I was 10. I’m 12 but still in life there’s always a little room for one most valuable thing and that’s him and I know that when that night happened I sat in my backyard facing the street were he was and he was still breathing.

I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye and I watched him take his last breath. I maybe a teen, but what happened to Riley is an end for my heart that night meant every thing to me. Every one my friends and my family knew me really well knowing Riley was the only one who cheered me up and was the happiness. I love you Riley..


With memory,