Rio by Tammy / Mama

I laid my friend to rest today,
My hand upon her head,
And through my tears, heard her last sigh,
“Find Roo” I softly I said.

He’s just across that golden field,
Up on the sunny ridge,
He’s waiting for you, Rio,
At the foot of Rainbow Bridge.

I’m sorry, my sweet Princess,
But you must forgive my tears,
It’s selfish, but I lived in hope,
We should have had more years.

I think back to the day we met,
The perfect fit we sought,
From a wriggling mass of furbys,
We picked you from the lot.

The years we’ve been together,
Each has flown, gone by so fast,
But the joy you’ve given all of us,
And the memories, will last.

It breaks my heart to let you go
But I need to do what’s best,
For the girl I love so dearly,
For my Rio, it’s time to rest.

Your brothers and your sister,
Who have made this trip before,
Will welcome you with barks and purrs,
You’ll play for evermore.

One day dad and I’ll be there,
And with Butters, Beans and Roo,
I promise that together,
We’ll cross Rainbow Bridge with you.


Always in my heart,
6, Mar 2015