Roadie by Michelle and Mike

We will never forget how Roadie flew into our hearts and lives.
No we didn’t get her in a pet store.
She was walking calmly down a very busy intersection
when I spotted this cinnamon pied Cockatiel.
I blocked traffic and Mike got out to get her.
All he said was “Up,Up” and she got on his hand without incident.
We knew she was hand trained and probably
someone’s pet.
So we tried to find the owner.
Two people came out to look at her and neither of them
were her owners. And so the 7 year bond began.
Her official name was Roadrunner since that is where we found
her and we shortened it to Roadie.
We thought Roadie was a boy for over a year until one day
I came home and to my surprise found an egg in the cage.
I called Mike to tell him the news he was just as shocked as I was.
She took up with me more so over the years and would go crazy
every time I put the key in the door.
As time wore on she developed cysts on her wings.
So we took her in to see a bird specialist and the procedure
was suppose to be simple. We scheduled surgery on Tuesday.
I got up at 7:30am to see her off and told her bye-bye.
Then went to meet my mom and dad for breakfast that morning
30 miles down the road the same road we found her on.
On the way there the song by Lynard Skynard came on
“Tuesday’s Gone With The Wind”.
Little did I know that our baby was gone with the wind.
The surgery went well she just never woke up.
Still cry to this day.
Sadly missed but never forgotten.

Always in our hearts.

Michelle and Mike


Michelle and Mike