Rocko by Linnie Milliken / mama

Rocko was my little one, the most he ever weighed was 3 lbs. He was the only one who lived from his litter. The others were still born and one had birth defects. That made me worry that Rocko would have problems, but I already loved him and prayed he would be ok. We got lucky for awhile but then the problems began. First the siezures, then the allergies, but we were able to beat them all. Then came the muscular problems and when you couldn’t walk I knew it was something we may not be able to win. But we sure gave it a good fight didn’t we little one?

I became your legs but when the pain came I knew we had to let you go. It was the hardest decision I have ever made.We will miss you forever little one Please wait for me and Tell Spunky we miss him to I know he is with you now. He came to you in January.I hope you two are playing together and know How much mama and daddy Loved you both.


With all my love,
Linnie Milliken