Rocky by Chris and Steph / Mommy

Dearest Rocky –

You were the best boy cat anyone could have had. You were loving, devoted and so intelligent. You were such a presence in our lives that now we cannot bear life going on without you. You were not just a cat. You were a friend, a companion in life and loving soul.

We can only hope that you considered your life good and fulfilling. We told you every day that we loved you and hoped in your own way you understood. Just as we hope you understood what we had to do. We didn’t want you to be in pain or suffer. We can’t wait to see you again, love, and hope the wait for you isn’t as long as it will be for us. Know you’re in our hearts forever and that we carry with us all of your warm and wonderful memories.

Tim McGraw – My Old Friend:

My old friend, this song’s for you

Cause a few simple verses

Was the least that I could do

To tell the world that you were here

Cause the love and the laughter

Will live long after

All of the sadness and the tears

We’ll meet again, my old friend

Goodbye, goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye

My old friend, my old friend

Goodbye, goodbye


Forever with love,
22, Jan 2006
Chris and Steph