Roger by T, J, K, & A / Your Family

On March 2, 2007 we were told that you had a very aggressive form of cancer and that there was nothing we could do for you. We were told to keep you comfortable and watch for the days when you began to fail.

I didn’t think that I could love you any more than I already did or that our bond could grow any stronger. But during those last few months of your life, we became more and more a part of each other’s souls. You were a constant companion with so much love for your people.

July 20 was just another ordinary summer day. You ate like usual, begged for your treats, and jumped into the back of the car to go “bye-bye”. We knew that your health was failing, but we also knew that it wasn’t time to take that last fateful trip to the vet. We had plans to be gone for a few hours in the evening and returned home around 10:00 pm. As usual, you followed me around the house and layed at my feet whereever I was. As I sat down at the computer, you were laying down behind me. Within a few minutes, you sat straight up and let out a yelp. As I turned around I could see that something wasn’t right and I knew your time to leave me had come. As your family gathered around you and held you in our arms, we said our good-byes and stroked your body until you were gone.

For 11 1/2 years, you were always at the hub of our family life. I had always said that our life would never be the same the day that you left it…and let me say that it hasn’t. You are missed you every day.

Oliver has now joined our family. Not because we wanted to replace you, but because we have so much love to give to our “fur babies”. You will never be forgotten and will be forever in our hearts.


With gratitude for all the love you gave,
20, July 2007
T, J, K, & A