Rosa by anonymous / Mom

I remember when Rosa came to our house. She had not been on heartworm preventative and sadly got very ill with heartworms. I brought her back and forth to vets and she finally recovered from heartworms but her heart was damaged.

She was the most beautiful Spitz mix dog I had ever seen with gorgeous thick blonde fur like an angels and a sweet face with big brown loving eyes. She was my father’s best friend when he had lung cancer and when he died she stayed loyal to me but loved all family. She always knew how I felt (I could tell) and she comforted me so much because I’ve had chronic pain for many years and sometimes
would get so discouraged.

She followed me everywhere I went and was gentle as a lamb. When you petted her lush fur, it comforted you so and so did her gentle nature. She lifted my discouragement and helped my loneliness and gave me some hope. She was so brave even though she went to vet so many times. She was beautiful within and without.

Not long ago she started having high white blood count that wasn’t responding to medicine and because of heart problems, she started not eating and walking. On the way to the vet she suddenly passed away. I felt like my life was passing too. I cried terribly. She was so sweet and loyal. I can’t get another dog right away;

I’m still mourning but maybe in the future I can help a dog who needs a home and it will help me heal some although I’ll never heal completely. ROSA I’ll see you one day at Rainbow Bridge. Until then I want to tell you “I love you and miss you”.


Loving you Always,