Rosco by The Munafo Family / Kathy

Although Rosco was part of your family

and lives for only awhile,

His antics and sweetness always

gave you a smile …

He gave you all great joy and unwaivering love,

And now he is frolicking with

the other dogs up in Dog Heaven above …

I know first hand how difficult your decision was to make,

But your final thought was to end

the pain for Rosco’s sake …

An unselfish act you performed yesterday,

By taking all of Rosco’s suffering away …

You will remember all the fun times you had

and he will always remain in your heart,

And even though he is no longer here

you will really never be apart …

So please accept this little poem as my tribute

to a wonderfully faithful and loving friend,

And my deepest sadness and sympathy I want to send …

To all of you!!


15, Mar 2009
The Munafo Family