Roscoe-“Big Daddy”-63067 by Adams, Wilsons / Sandy (Mama)

I first met Roscoe at a local cat shelter. I have a way of communicating with cats that I don’t understand to this day so after handling most of the cats there, he was the one who seemingly spoke to me. That day Roscoe and I met, he was in two cages that was converted into one, due to his huge size. I wasn’t too sure that “Big Daddy” liked the car trip but I knew he loved it there at home. See Roscoe had no claws and living in the country I was a bit worried as to how he would cope when occasionally outdoors.

Let me tell you this cat was the best mouser I have ever had. Always running to the sound of a spoon in one of our kids cereal bowls to lap up the last bit and he owned a scratch post that he pretended to use. Roscoe joined our family, enjoying many years, and was with us until my husband and I were transfered to another part of the country and couldn’t keep him but praise be, my daughter and her family welcomed him with open arms and hearts and gave him a very
loving home for three years.

Roscoe left this world in June 2005, due to a stroke, much to our sorrow. Melanie, my daughter, and Ryan, grandson had services for our beloved “Big Daddy”, including burying him with his scratch post and his favorite food, a slice of cheese. There is a small monument to mark his wonderful life. He gave us so much love and I miss him terribly.


Missing You Roscoe,,
Roscoe-"Big Daddy"-63067
Adams, Wilsons