ROSCOE by Janet Gibson / Mommy

Roscoe was a very wonderful friend to me . I got him from a kennel in North Carolinia when he was 6 weeks old . We grew to know each other so well .
He was always very protective of me and his home .
I even had the pleasure of taking him to work with me in my office everyday . We did everything as a team . He loved to go get a hamburger his favorite food . Then in Oct. he started having mild seizures and i took him to my vet. They started the meds in thinking that it may be tick related bite causing his problems. As the next week went by waiting on his blood work to come back he still continued to get worse . The vet called and said the blood work was neg. then i knew we were in trouble. I talked and did lots research looked like Roscoe had a brain tumor and it was growing fast . He had every symptom . My heart was so broken for i knew what i had to do for him. So on Oct. 14,2004 i carried him in the vets office, tears running down my cheeks for i knew this would be the last trip. Roscoe in the last day could not get up, eat or drink. His seizures were non-stop . I held him close and the vet gave him his last shot. Really hard to imagine that he really was gone . I came home to my empty house filled with only now the memories that we shared.
I miss him so much but know that i will see him again in HEAVEN.


In My Heart Always,
Janet Gibson