Rosey by The Robbins Family

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

–Josh Billings

My brother brought you home from college 17 years ago. He said you had been abused. We knew it was true because you constantly trembled and urinated whenever anyone raised their voices or brought out a broom or mop for cleaning.But you quickly learned to trust us and we quickly fell in love with you.

We were amazed at your agility. You walked along the top of our narrow stone fence with such ease. We knew it was the border collie in you. You gracefully leapt to catch balls and frisbees never tiring from the game.

You insisted on being a lap dog even though your size was 3 lapfuls! Who could deny those big brown eyes?!

We were also amazed at how smart you were. You quickly learned your lessons when training to become a guide dog for the deaf. We had to spell words around you like B-A-T-H otherwise you’d try to hide.

We were amazed by your unending patience and tolerance. You put up with cats and visitors both human and furry without ever showing agitation or aggression.

But mostly we were amazed by the depth of your love and devotion. Your brown eyes and wagging tail told us we were the center of your universe.

Watching you struggle in old age was difficult. You lost your eyesight and hearing and walking became painful. Your Mom and Dad cared for you tirelessly carrying you up the stairs cleaning up after you picking you up when you fell.

Then the dreaded but inevitable day came when you could no longer gather the strength to stand or eat. You anxiously whimpered all night before losing consciousness. Perhaps you knew you were slipping away from your family and this world. You never knew the vet had arrived or given you a shot and you peacefully died in your own bed.

We can only hope the devotion and care we showed you in your last few months were an adequate reflection of the joy you brought to our lives. There is an aching emptiness in our house and hearts. We miss you so much our beautiful little girl!

If heaven is truly paradise then you’ll be waiting for your family with a ball at your feet ever-faithful for an eternal playtime.

We present this tribute to you Rosey in honor of the many wonderful years and memories we shared. You will always be a member of the Robbins family.

With much love sadness and devotion
Mom Dad Tim Theresa and Jack

“There is no faith which has never been broken except that of a truly faithful dog.” –Konrad Lorenz


4, Nov 2000
The Robbins Family