Rosie by John, Malissa, DJ and Savannah / Daddy, Mommy, Dj, Savannah, Rusty, Romeo, Toby and

When my husband brought Rosie and Toby home I was not happy at all. All I needed was 2 puppies to potty train. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with them both. They made our older dog Rusty feel young again.
Three days ago Rosie started acting ill. I took her and Toby to the vet tonight and brought Rosie home in a cardboard box.
There was no saving her. Her brother and I were with her as she passed away in the vet’s office. It’s so hard to describe the feeling of taking your pet to the vet and know you will not bring her back home alive. If I could talk to Rosie one more time I would tell her that we all love her so much and will take good care of her little brother. We will miss her so much. She wasn’t with is for very long but the time she was here she made a very huge impact on us. She was a very special little girl.


Rosie whereever you are tonight we love you and hope you will still watch over us.
John, Malissa, DJ and Savannah