Roxanne by Animal Rescue-Denise for Brenda / Denise, Tom, & Brenda

Tribute To Roxanne-A Glimpse In A Life Well-Lived

Little Dog as Tough As Nails
Never Let the Wind Out of Your Sails
A Good Life, Full Speed Ahead
Loved To Cuddle in Bed
Coat of Ebony Sheen
Prettiest Little Thing Seen
Heart of Gold
Spirit Bold
Loved to Run
Lounge in The Sun
By the Sandy Shore
Fun Times For Sure
Across the Brook and Bridge You Went
With Friends Your Days Were Spent
Filled with Glee, Running to the Playground
To Play With the Little Ones There Found
Eyes Sparkling With Delight
Feet Prancing Gave You Flight
Smiling Face
Loved Open Space
Lived a Good Life
Free from Strife
Never Asked For Much
A Kind Word, A Gentle Touch
Lived Your Life With Zest
Sweet Girl, You Were the Best
Destiny Wasn’t Fair
Torn from All You Held Dear
Forever Vanished From Touch
Still Loved So Much
With Never a Sound
Endured Pain Profound
A Decision Never Easy to Make
Untold Hearts Break
No More Debilitating Pain
To Suffer Once Again
Loyal Friend
To The End
Watch Over Them As You Had Before
Comfort Them For Evermore
Sorrow Running Deep
Angel Now for Heaven to Keep
A Seat at the Bridge You Must Save
For Me When I Reach My Grave
For Never Would I Want An Eternity To Spend
Without The Love Of A Sweet Canine Friend
I Will Always Remember You
Will You Remember Me?

I only met Roxanne once, but her soul touched mine. I was asked to evaluate her and try to help her owner re-home her due to a very unfortunate set of circumstances. I pieced together this glimpse of her life from that meeting and from photos provided by her owner. She was humanely euthanized because she was suffering after our options ran out and she was, with great sadness, surrendered to a local shelter. I feel I failed her and my heart breaks for her. There are so many lives lost, good dogs not enough homes. I ask everyone that might be touched by this tribute to consider rescuing a dog, helping someone in financial need keep their dog, volunteer at a shelter or spay or neuter your dog. Do it for all the Roxannes out there. She was lucky. She knew love and was cared for, but there are so many more that are being abused, fought, experimented on, neglected, forced to live their lives on a chain. Please help them and be kind to them. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”-Ghandi Let’s show the world our greatness. And if you happen to see a Little Black Dog, Smile, and Remember Roxanne. Thank you.


With Much Sorrow,
11, Nov 2014
Animal Rescue-Denise for Brenda