Roxanne by Chris Williamson / Chris

It’s been about 10 days since I lost the best friend I have ever had. Roxanne got sick about a month ago. The doctor said it was lung cancer, and that we should put her down. I felt that rather than drop her off to the vet where she would be taken into a strange room with strange people and be injected would not be right. So I took her home and put her on hospice until her final night. She slept with me every night.

I called into work for the next couple of weeks because I didn’t feel right leaving her home alone sick like that. I gave her antibiotics to help ease the pain a little. But in the end the cancer was too much and she passed away at 11:30PM on March 21, 2005.

She died looking into my eyes. I think that is the way she would have wanted it. I buried her out back next to the tree she would sunbathe under during the summer. That was her favorite spot of all. She was my best friend. She always knew when I needed love and compassion. Sometimes I would get upset with her and yell, but she would always forgive me. Now that she’s gone forever, I wish that I would have never gotten upset. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her.

In a world where people have been so cruel to me, she was the only one who ever really loved me and understood me. The night she died she crawled over to me with what little strength she had left and laid her head on my leg as I watched TV. I know now
that she was saying goodbye.

Sometimes I go out to her little gravesite and I still talk to her. Because I know she can still hear and see me. I hope she knows that I love her and that I will always miss her and that she changed my life. She gave more to me than anyone else ever has. And my memories will last a lifetime. I love you Roxy. And I will never forget you. Never Ever.
RIP my sweet little angel.


Your Friend,
Chris Williamson