♥Roxi♥ by Patricia Monique / PM and Roxi’s Babys

Well Roxi was a Yorkie-Shih Tzu mixed. She was so full of energy. She was a Mother of Mikey, Diva, Star, and Honeybunny. We lost her on December 22, 2009 due to a home fire that destroyed 100% of our home.

That night our dogs we barking like they never had before. They were letting us know that there was something wrong. It was a fire. If it wasn’t for Roxi, Diva, Honeybunny, and Gizmo (Roxi’s Mate) barking. I wouldn’t be here typing this. Well we got out with Gizmo, and honeybunny. Roxi and Diva ran under our bed. After my husband got us out. He tried another 3 attempts to get Roxi and Diva out. On the last try my husband collapsed to the floor and he ended up barely crawling out
to save his on life.

One hour after the fire was put out. The firemen found Roxi curled up to save her daughter Diva. They brought out Diva and then thats when they told us that Roxi saved her daughter but didn’t make it. This was such a torn to my husbands heart. He tried but couldn’t save Roxi. Roxi is Our Angel because she warned us of the fire. She saved her daughter Diva. Roxi will stay in our minds and hearts the rest of our lives. We have her daughters and especially Diva. Diva has Roxi’s personality to the bone. We love you Roxi!


With Love and You saved our lives Roxi,
Patricia Monique