Roxy by Jennifer

The day that has past
I still remember
It was a cold snowy night
In late December.

I layed next to her
And softly patted her head
Telling her it would be okay
That’s just what mommy said.

I know it wasn’t her fault
She didn’t want me to know
That Roxy was going to die soon
She didn’t want my feelings to show.

But when she told me
I couldn’t stand the pain
The thought of her death
Was making me go insane.

The tears that ran from my eyes
And down my little red cheeks
Gave me faith and hope
For new feelings to seek.

The warmth and love she gave me
Was something she only had
She made me feel good about myself
Even when I was sad.

But it was time to say goodbye now
As I stood there and started to cry
I looked back and had to say
Goodbye Roxy Goodbye.



14, March 1999