Roxy by Ken

Each Day Forward

From each day forward
We awake and open our eyes.
The emptiness consumes us
The hurt inside.

A loved one we held dear.
One we cared for looked for
Everyday and every moment
No matter what is no more.

The look in the eyes that says
I will protect you now and forever.
Never fear or worry
In this life or the next.

For I will be waiting for you
To show you the way.
In the next life I am here for you
To protect you everyday.

Don’t cry or feel hurt.
I understand what you did.
I will look over you like an angel
One of your own one of your kids.

I will miss you too.
Please don’t cry.
I understand your pain and hurt
Your emptiness inside.

Think of the many days
That we played in the sun.
How we held each other tightly.
How I licked your face for fun.

I am waiting here in heaven
Where you can bring my ball.
I am anxious to play with you.
Anxious for my name to be called.

We will always be a family
No matter what it seems like now.
One day we’ll be together.
Soon you’ll see someway somehow.



30, July 2001