What I Learned From Roxy:

Other dogs loved her. Kids were drawn to her. Even confirmed dog haters were vulnerable to her. That’s because she accepted and loved without condition.

She taught me to give love equally independent of what I would or wouldn’t get in return. She showed me how to love others more than myself.

She taught me to always be available to friends and family. To be ready to be silly and run freely to share a quiet walk to have ears to listen and to find a lap to rest on.

She taught me to forgive
no matter what the circumstances.

She taught me that if I pay attention I will know when to cuddle up and when to leave well enough alone.

She taught me that a gentle nudge
can accomplish any need I have.

She taught me that a grand entrance
or a noisy exit is never necessary.

She taught me to be content with what I have and to appreciate whatever is given to me. It really is enough to have a full tummy a comfortable warm place in your family extra crumbs in the leftovers of life a good scratch behind the ears and a pat on the head for a job well done.

She taught me that a simple walk really can make your day because little things really do make a difference.

She taught me that
if you have a nose for beauty
be willing to search for it.

She showed me it’s okay to submit to others and not to let my pride stand in the way of a good time or a good relationship.

She taught me the greatest value
in life is loving others and
being loved in return.

She taught me to give from the heart to forgive others freely to be content with the little things in life to ask nicely for what I want and to be gentle in every circumstance.

Losing her taught me that love and pain go hand in hand. And in spite of the pain having love is always worth it.

Forever in my heart –

“The Momma”
Joyce Walden January 8 2002


31, Dec 2001