Ruby by Keturah / Your Mother/Friend Keturah

My pet mouse Ruby is a one of a kind mouse. She was there for me in times I needed her. She was there when my parents broke up and when my sister got married. She was there with me for a very long time. I got her when she was about 6 mounths old and
I had her for 2 years before she died.

When my parents broke up she was the only one I could talk to late at night when she was just getting up. I would take her out of her cage and hold her and it was almost like she was just sitting there listening to what I had to say. She was my best friend for a long time and when she died I cried for days and days I couldn’t stop thinking about “who am I gonna talk to now?” I still don’t have another mouse but if I do get one it will never be the same as my Dear Sweet RUBY


I hope you are someplace full of fun and enjoyment,