Rudy by Michelle & Chris Morrissey / Your mommy

To My Dearest Rudy
The first time I saw you
I grew so fond
I wanted to take you home
Because I felt an immediate bond.

After some preparation
That day finally came
It seemed like forever
My life wouldn’t be the same.

We had to get to know one another
At first things were a little rough
Our lives and routines
But things weren’t all that tough.

Over the years grew a love
One that would never end
You were not only my pet
But my most faithful friend.

You would follow me everywhere
And I didn’t mind
You would lick my face
Oh, how you were so kind.

And then one day
You became very ill
I got so scared
That I felt a chill.

Would this be the day
I had to say goodbye
Just the thought of it
Made me start to cry.

Not that I wanted to
I had to let go
I love you so much
I just want you to know.

I think about you everyday
I always will
I will never forget you
My heart you will always fill.


I will never forget you,
27, Oct 2001
Michelle & Chris Morrissey