Rudy Lynn Yakcs by Rachel Yacks / Mommy

I had a special friend on

loan from God above.

Within our special friendship there

was a lot of love.

God sent her to me when

I was only eight.

When I first saw her, I

knew I had found my mate.

She would always

listen to every word I had to say. It

didn’t matter if it were night or day.

When the moon would shine bright and full,

she would sing a little song.

Before to long, all the

other dogs would sing along.

Rudy always knew when I was down.

She was a very special

kind of hound.

As I went into the teenage years,

I could always count on her to

lend me her ears.

Then one day her

health did fail.

I prayed and prayed to no


With a big sigh I asked God why.

He told me the choice was

really tough, but

his special angel had been

on loan enough.

God saw fit to take her home,

no more this earth to roam.

Do not fret for Rudy is here

with us today.

Watching over us as we work

and play.

Rudy will always last, as long as

we remember the happy

times from the past.

Goodbye for now; I am glad you are pain

free. Sitting next to Jesus, Rudy is

waiting there for me.

One day when my time

on earth is done and heavens gates

I stand near.

Happy barks is what I want to hear.
Rudy Lynn Yacks
September 30, 1985-April 24, 2000


2 cute 2 be 4 gotten.
I will always love you
Rudy Lynn Yakcs
24, Apr 2000
Rachel Yacks