Rusty Bell by Susan Bell / Your Mama

Fifteen years we shared and everyday I cared.
The gift of your glance made my spirit dance.

Touching your fur, made you purr.

You are mama’s boy – so innocent and coy.
A Tabby cat that was so sunny and bright.

I loved you with all my might.

During our walk, sometimes people would gawk.
Go ahead and stare, we didn’t care.
To breathe the air was the main affair!

I send a kiss and deeply miss your caress.

Photos stare of your existence and bestow memories of persistence.

“I Miss You”

I MISS YOU My eyes race to find you.
My heart cries to see you.
My mind yearns to touch you.
My lips hunger to kiss you.
My ears expect to hear you.
My arms reach out to hold you.
My thoughts whisper I LOVE YOU. (06/17/09)


* Love you always and forever *
Rusty Bell
17, Apr 2009
Susan Bell