Rusty by Glenda Peacock / Mommy &Daddy

Back in 2000 I went to the store.
We had gone in that same store on several occasions,
on this particular day the
owner asked me if I wanted a puppy.
I followed him to the back of the store and
in a cage were several puppies and one stood
out and he came right to me and began kissing me.
I picked him and I took him home.
He was so small he couldnt get on the stoop.
We fell in love with each other and went everywhere
together,we grew real close.

He was a little stinker he chewed up everything. We didnt have an electrical cord in the house, but all the shoes he chewed.
Leave it down, it is gone by morning.
He got into the trash food everywhere…
He had this wonderful funny side; I could be having the worst day and he would do something so funny I would wet myself.
He knew what I needed.

I remember when my son was in Iraq. He is in the Army and everyday Rusty knew he had to keep me happy and he did.
He was always there for me. I spoiled Rusty rotten and he deserved to be treated like a king because he made me so happy.

I had a real bad feeling the last day we were together, he looked so bad and he tried to get up and he just didnt have the energy so
I just let him rest. Our last ride together I sat quiet and we went to the vet,I think he knew he had cancer and he was in pain and felt bad ..

So I kissed him for the final time; it broke my heart, but I couldnt stand to
see him suffer..
He was my best friend and words can’t describe what we had, but it was the best..
God sent me an angel. I miss him, but he is in heaven and is free, no more pain and he is happy.

Fly with the Angels; someday I will see you again.

Love Mommy and Daddy


We Love you
Glenda Peacock