Rusty by Laurie / Your best friend

My dog Rusty was brought to me when I was in 2nd grade. He was the best family dog ever. Rusty when he was a puppy ate the carpeting and couches in the house, but it did not matter because he would look at you with his big brown eyes and your heart would melt. Rusty grew up with me throught my childhood and into my adulthood. He loved to go for walks and when you said the word walk he would shake his little butt and dance around.

One day Rusty got out of the house and ran into the busy street, got hit and rolled to the other side, then got up and ran back into my arms. I was hysterical to say the least but he was ok. My tough little man. As he grew older his hips started to give him trouble to the point when he could no longer walk. We took him into the emergency vet and he got his shot and passed into God’s arms. I know he is up there looking down and I feel his presence in my dog now, Bear. I will miss him forever my darling Rusty boy. I will see you in my dreams and feel you in my heart forever.


Sweet dreams my darling,