Ryd by Bree & Jim / AuntyB

Instructions For God

Just two nights ago, God, at twenty to seven
You called my dear pusscat to see you in heaven.
My poor heart is broken and how can it mend?
You took my sweet moggie, my very best friend.

Now, I know you are God and this was your decision
But now, having done so, please make due provision
To see that my kitcat gets special attention
Plus a few other things that I think I should mention.

And I want to be sure that St.Peter’s aware
Just which kitty is mine so that when she gets there
She’ll be cuddled and tickled and showered with love
And get all she deserves in the heavens above.

See, my cat was an angel in feline disguise.
(You could tell by the love in her kittycat eyes)
And so now that she’s gone where true angelfolk go,
Here are all of the things that I think you should know:

She’s a beautiful kitty with delicate paws
(That have hidden within them some very sharp claws!)
She’s a round little moggie with tortoise-shell furr
She has soft yellow eyes and a heart-melting purr.

She answers to Ryddley (and lots of pet names)
She likes being cuddled. She likes playing games.
She likes lots of comfort, for that I can vouch,
So make room on your bed, God, and also your couch.

She likes to eat breakfast at 6 on the dot
(Chunky chicken in jelly; she likes that a lot!)
And God, if up in heaven you like to sleep late,
I am warning you now that she simply won’t wait!

She likes to eat dinner at five or before,
But whatever you give her, she’s sure to want more.
So please see that she has lots of nice things to eat,
Oh and prawns, by the way, are her favourite treat.

She doesn’t like liver or kidneys, however,
So there up in heaven I hope you’ll endeavour
To give her sweet custard and salmon and fish
And ice cream on fingers she thinks is delish.

She likes a nice spot on a bench in the sun
And now she’s in heaven she’ll pounce and she’ll run
Then she’ll hide in the shade or in grass, out of sight,
But she likes to be curled up at home for the night.

She will nuzzle your chin and she’ll perch on your lap
And she’s ever so partial to taking a nap.
She will watch while you work and she’ll watch while you read
And she’ll give you advice, God, whenever you need.

She will often be found curled up under your bed,
And be warned, God, at night she will sleep on your head!
And then when you are glum or have had a bad day,
She will lick your sad face till the pain goes away.

Please take care of my pusscat; I miss her, you see
And please ask her if sometimes she might visit me
When she has a free minute between lovely naps
On couches or benches or heavenly laps.

This loss is so big and I can’t stop the tears,
See, I loved my dear Ryddley for so many years.
And now that she’s not here to nudge me awake
I feel very certain my poor heart will break.

I miss her so much and I can’t take the pain
And I really can’t wait till I see her again.
So please tell her I miss her (though doubtless she’ll know)
And tell her I’ll love her wherever I go.

So God when I cross over I hope that I’ll see
My pussycat waiting in heaven for me.
Then we’ll never be lonely or poorly again
And I’ll love her for ever and ever, Amen.

* * * *


I love you RyyldeyPid and miss you so much.
See you at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet girlie,
6, June 2005
Bree & Jim