Ryder by Lisa & Brad / Mommy, Daddy & All the Kids

To Our Sweet Precious Little Boy…You were taken from us way to soon! I loved you from the moment I saw you! Your little face was adorable. Everyday I couldn’t wait to get home to see you. You made me laugh so much & when I held you when you were sleeping my heart felt so warm, you were my baby boy! The day you were taken from us, is a day I will never forget! I cried secretly for weeks to hide the pain of losing you. I still cry for you. I will never forget you baby boy…NEVER. You will alway be in my heart…ALWAYS! Rest in peace & one day mommy will come to the rainbow bridge to see you. You play nice with Dodgie, Chewy, Duffy, Princie, Ruby & Boo…you never meant them on earth but they were all loved very much with the same heart that loved you.


Forever Love,
10, Sep 2005
Lisa & Brad