S, B, E, W, B, J, H by Tara Bowyer / Mommy can’t wait to see you all again in heaven

This is for all the loved ones I’ve loved and lost
Berni, Spikes, Whiskers, Emma,
Hopper miss you all.

When I close my eyes to dream
I see you
A time where nothing was wrong
Each other, was what we knew
I saw your faithful eyes
Trace my every move
Sometimes you would follow me
So proud, so true
You had that special something
That made me smile
Why were you with me
For only a short while
My best friend
Partner in crime
Shaggy by looks
But in heart, so prime.

You had no faults
Only stars in your eyes
There was never a time
That you made me cry.

When you slobbered my face
It made me so glad
I wonder to myself
Why does god take the lives that we cherish the most
It’s because he made those hearts, purely for owners to know
That, pure, hard soul
That made the days worthwhile.

Then you got older, silver turned to grey
Eyes turning dimmer just like a cloudy day
You struggled when you walked
But still you made it through
You had strength in your heart
Something I always knew.

You still had those days
Where you were Very weak
I walked into the door
And there was nothing about you that was meek
You jumped and you greeted
Just like those very first days
A clear look in your eyes
And a smile on your face
With a bark and a stroll
You were yourself again
But pride only takes you so far
To a point where you have to give in.

The days were getting longer
Cold dark a gray
I saw you getting weak
I knew you could not stay.

I wanted to hold onto something that just wasn’t there
A memory in my heart
A soul in the air.

I lost a piece of myself that went along with you
A piece that you can keep
Until the skies are blue.

Now when I remember all those fun times
A tear rolls down my cheek
I can’t help but cry.

You were a true companion
A real ‘best friend’
A golden heart stopped beating
A wound that will never mend

I never will find that closeness in my life
Too bad it came too late
And ended way too soon.

An angel that now watches over me
In spirit rather that something I can see.

Your license on my key ring
Rather than on your chain
A picture in my album
Rather than just your face
An emptiness inside
Rather than a hug
A loneliness sometimes
Rather than a snug
A tear out of my eyes
Rather than a laugh
Upsetting Christmas mornings
Rather than gifts unwrapped
For no Santa or an sleigh
Could have brought you back.

Was there anything I could have done
To make you more happy
I was with most of you in your time of passing
Those who I wasn’t Did you want to see my face
Did you want to hear my voice
Did you wonder why
…I made that choice.

Know it’s out of love
Because I didn’t want you to have pain
I loved you too much to see you suffer
Lose your dignity.

I hope you wanted nothing more
Than to just be with me
I’m sorry it had to end
Before your rightful time
Disease is the devil
The worst crime
It should be put away
For stealing your life
It stole you piece by piece
Like the Grinch on Christmas night.

There is just one thing
Before I let you go
Know that your heart still beats
Inside my hurting soul
You were me and I am you
And nothing could ever change the way I feel
My number one friends
My true valentines
My best friends forever
you guys will always be mine..

And when we meet again
In that castle in the sky
I throw that red rubber ball for you
And I will watch you all fly
Up above the clouds
With nothing in our way
You and me together Forever it shall stay
Till that time just wait
I’ll be there ‘fashionably late’
Until the master says
It’s your time to go
You just can never know
You have to live life to the fullest
And love who you can
And that’s exactly what you did
You had so many friends.

Everyone that knew you
Wanted to take you home.

You had that special something
That god couldn’t resist
He knew that when he took you
It was nothing but the best…

In Tears
In tears we saw you sinking we watched you fade away
Are hearts were almost broken as you fought so hard to stay god saw you getting tired and when a cure was not to be he closed is arms around you and whispered come to me your golden heart stopped beating your gentle paws at rest god broke our heart to prove to us he only takes the best but when we saw you sleeping so peacefully free from pain we could not wish you back to suffer that again


With love always,
S, B, E, W, B, J, H
Tara Bowyer