Sable by Markwayne

My little Miss Sable
I miss you so,
Within my heart,
Forever you’ll go,
Like a treasured gem from God up above,
Into my life to show me unconditional Love.
The unbearable grief I feel since you have passed,
I pray to the Lord that this pain in my heart surely can’t last.
Thank you God for the gift of my Sable little one,
I must realize now that her
life’s journey is now done.
Dear Lord in Your Hands my angel now rests,
Inspite of my emptiness I know for her now it is best.
Sable I cry for the sound of your purr,
and such a sweet soul so gentle and pure.

Your Daddy Misses You Sable.
Thank you God for your gift of love to me.
My love for my little Sable will last for eternity.

With Love,



17, Aug 2002