Sabu by Miranda and Diana Martorana / Your Family

Sabu was a chubby, black, adorable cat when she appeared on our doorstep one night. We immediately noticed how friendly she was, and we adopted her. It was ironic for her to show up at our door because a year earlier one of our other cats got outside, and that cat had appeared on our parent’s doorstep, too. Sabu became the queen of the house. She did whatever she liked. Jumping on our heads while we were sitting down, chasing the dogs, and even stealing food from our plates. She was loved by all of us, and our other pets, right away. One of the cutest things she did was when we took care of a quinea pig. She would lay by the cage, put her paw in, and pet the quinea pig! Sabu was by far the preppiest cat we had, next to her “partner in crime” Shadow, our little gray cat, who she was best friends with.

On November 1, 2008, we noticed she was losing her spunk, along with a lot of weight. We thought she may just have had a stomach bug, and that the weight loss was from the extra exercise she was getting from being outside. But early morning on November 6, our mother woke up to find Sabu seriously sick. She held Sabu in her arms as our silly baby took her last breaths.

We miss Sabu terribly, and we always will. But we know she is with our little yorkie, Reggie, up in heaven, and that she will be happy. And she will forever be our silly little baby.


We Love You.
Miranda and Diana Martorana