Sadie by David,Cathy,Sarina & Desiree’

November 2 1994 – October 4 2001

Suffering Love

Dear Sadie

We reached the end of your time.
Of all the souls we know
Yours gave us the
most unconditional love.
Now itÆs time to close
your eyes and rest.
We will remember you forever.
How strong you were.
How loving and happy you were.
The way you ran so fast
You looked like a hovercraft
A Lab with no legs
flying around the yard
Growling and barking
Saying come get me.
You camped with us.
You played with us.
You filled our void of
no children once.
God gave us love through you
And we will never forget you.
Wag your tail once more
Look at us
And smile
Chase one more squirrel.
Then lie down
Close your loving eyes
And rest dear Sadie.

David Cathy
Sarina & Desiree’


4, Oct 2001
David,Cathy,Sarina & Desiree'