Sadie by Janet / Sadie’s momma, Janet

I have always loved animals for as long back as I can remember. And I have had some really good ones in my life time, but Sadie was so special. My sister had asked me if I could keep her in my back yard until she could find a home for her. Not asking my hubby first he was a little upset with me at first. But before the first day was over you could see the bond that took place between the two of them. From the very beginning you never saw her more than 5 feet from him.
When my husband past away she laid on his pillow for months and would not eat for sometime.

We laid together and cried for him. Then Sadie and I went to a school were she became a therapy dog for the elderly and children’s hospitals. She did it so naturally that her teacher told me
she was born for this kind of work.

I watched her pull people out of depression and back to life. They would remember her name when they couldn’t remember mine. LOL I was luckier than most, I had her for many years until she became blind and almost completely deaf. But she would still follow me
to any room I went to.

There is a huge whole in my heart that I don’t think will ever go away. I truly think she was an angel put here to help others. Human or not. She will always be greatly missed by many until we meet again. I like to believe she is with my late husband now and in no pain and can run and play like she use to.


A specal angel from above.