Sadie by Kelly H / Kelly


You were the one who stayed
when everyone else left.

You were the one who was there for me
whenever I needed a friend.

You were the one to make me smile,
to make me laugh, to cuddle with me
when I was lonely.

You were always there no matter what.

I’ll miss our daily walks
through the neighborhood.

I’ll miss the way you howled
at the sirens when they sounded.

I’ll miss the way you accepted every person and every pet along your journey through this life.

I’ll miss coming home and
seeing you lift
your head and wag your tail.

The way you loved to run
when I took you off your leash.

The way people admired you and
looked forward to seeing you again.

You helped to bring me out of my shell and worked hard to always please me.

I just hope I was able to give
you the life you deserved.

You left sooner than you should have.

I miss you very much.


Your loving human,
14, Dec 2007
Kelly H