Sadie Lynn by Mom / Mom, Dad, Keewee, Taz, Simba, Noodle

You came into our lives when you were just a month old. They were going to put you to sleep because you had bitten one of the handlers. Mom stood firm and said NO! She would take you home anyway. As soon as you got home, we thought of repercussions with Demon, but he walked up to you, sniffed your head, turned around and walked away with you in tow. You were inseparable since then. After Demon died, you moved into our new home with us. You shared our wedding. You shared the good times and bad times. You always seemed to say that things would be all right. You were the rock of the family.

When it came to be that you weren’t able to cope with your condition you let us know that the time had come to say goodbye that you wanted to be free. We will always remember the times we had together we will always have a place in our hearts just for you never to be taken by anyone else. We promised you that you would be happy once again. God will watch over you. Someday we will all meet again at Rainbow Bridge.


We love you Sadie and we will remember you and miss you forever.
Sadie Lynn