Sadie Mae, Ozzie, Mineau… by John Bond / Your forever family John&Christie

On February 7, 2005 we had a house fire. We were not home, but the house was absolutly destroyed. Well meaning friends and relatives kept comming by, or calling and often we would hear” At least noone was hurt.” Noone? We lost 12 friends in that fire. Sadie the Rottie who we just rescued from being put down two weeks prior and ws just amazing, Ozzie the african gray,Cuhnla the dusty headed conure,Bird the finch, Mineau, Luna,Baccus, and Haddes the cats,Godzilla the flemish giant rabbit,Dragon the Iguana, Howie the Sulcata tortise,Skitchie the guinna pig.I guess not everyone understands alot of our friends died that day. Our hearts are broken and they are missed daily.


So very much missed,
Sadie Mae, Ozzie, Mineau...
John Bond