Sadie Tye Walton by Tye Walton / Daddy, Mommy, Marilyn, Abby,
Pamela and your

Good-bye Sadie girl,

A part of each of us leaves with you. We were so glad that you went so fast without much suffering (and got to eat your last donut in peace), yet the heartbreak of not seeing you makes us teary eyed and missing you so much. We cannot wait until we see you again!! We told you how much we loved you and you told us with those beautiful brown eyes that we were cherished beyond a doubt every single day.

To the others on this site, please consider adopting dogs from humane societies. We got 7 years of friendship and love with the best dog we could have ever found. All of us need a second chance, especially us humans. We have just lost one of our own, a member of our family and the pain hurts so bad, but in 2 months we have decided to bring another life into our house to continue the cycle of love.


Run, Sadie, run to God,
Sadie Tye Walton
Tye Walton