Sally May by Mary Nguyen / Mommy and Sophie

You were so tiny and so playful the day we brought you home. I could not sleep with your soft crying that first night. I came out to the living room where I placed you in the cage close to the birds (cockateils)to keep you company. We played a bit and I took you out for a couple times to hold you in my arms and comfort you. Day by day, you grew up with our love and you have been everywhere with us.

You brought joy into many hearts and people love you for your simplicity and innocence. You had hundred ways to show your love and made us feel so special, that we could not imagine life without you. You’re our smartest and cuttest friend, too good to be a puppy.

We have been together for
awhile but remembering will be
for a lifetime and
our love is forever.

I still walk with you every morning before to work, every evening when I come home. I still take you to the beach with us every weekend. I still see you running in the neighborhood, chasing after those neighbors who rush to work. I still hear your snoring through the night.

You will be in our heart forever.


Rest in peace in our heart,
Sally May
Mary Nguyen