Samantha by Adam & Jenny Hansel / Mommy

I got my dog for Christmas 1996 and from the moment I laid eyes on her I loved her unconditionally. When she was a puppy (and even when she wasn’t a puppy), she used to sleep in my sweatshirt. She loved to dig in the yard and she loved to eat pig ears. When she went to grandma’s she always ran outside with the big dogs even though she had short stubby legs! She was my girl and she slept with me every night and I don’t know what I am going to do now that she’s gone.

She started to go downhill a month ago and with lots of meds and hospital stays (she hated that and couldn’t wait to come home), it was finally decided she had a cancer that grows in the veins and this one attacked her kidneys. This morning she started to have seizures so we decided it was time to let her go. I have slept with her on the couch for two weeks now, so I had to be there when she took her last breath. I wanted to be the last thing she saw and
now I have some peace in my heart.

I hated coming home today and not hearing her bark at me as I walked in the house. We were always telling her to stop barking and now I wish I could hear it one more time. I miss you so much, Mantha. I know you are in heaven playing with Toby and Sadie. I will think of you often and try to have a smile on my face. Thank you so much for your companionship through the years and loving me unconditionally as well.
Good bye my girl!


Missing you dearly,
Adam & Jenny Hansel